90°S [ninety degrees south]

The following is a transcript of a recorded audio interview between an unnamed government official and an individual known in the record only as ‘Detainee No. 8.’ The interview is thought to take place on Incident +4. All identifying information has been redacted.


Interrogator: Good morning [NAME REDACTED].


Interrogator: The more cooperative you are, the sooner this will be over and we can both-

Detainee: What am I doing here? I want a lawyer.

Interrogator: There’s no need for that [NAME REDACTED]. You don’t stand accused of any crime. This isn’t an interrogation.

Detainee: Then let me go.

Interrogator: I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Detainee: [EXPLITAVE], I’m an American citizen, I have rights. I know you guys forget that sometimes…”

Interrogator: Now, there’s no need to be hostile [NAME REDACTED].

Detainee: You [EXPLITAVE] tried to kill me and now you’ve been pulling this gestapo [EXPLITAVE] on me. I think that’s plenty of reason to be hostile.

Interrogator We weren’t trying to kill you, we were merely responding to what we perceived as a security threat.

Detainee: Don’t give me that. What did they do to make you think that they were threatening? They told you they were sending everyone home. They even filed a flight plan for you through the FAA.

Interrogator: Which they did by hacking into our secure systems through unknown means.

Detainee: Well, they’re not exactly experts in human interaction. They probably didn’t figure you’d try to shoot your own people out of the sky at the drop of a hat.

Interrogator: Okay let’s start at the beginning. How long were you stationed at Amundesn-Scott before the incident occurred?

Detainee: Two months.

Interrogator: And what do you do there?

Detainee: I’m a meteorologist.

Interrogator: Fascinating. How long have you been studying meteorology?

Detainee: About fifteen years.

Interrogator: Right. And what were you doing when the incident occurred?

Detainee: I was at the desk, looking at data and working on the weather forecast. It was a pretty slow shift and [NAME REDACTED] came over and told me that I should take a look at the news.

Interrogator: So, you didn’t learn about it until news reports started coming out?

Detainee: No, how would I?

Interrogator: It was happening right above you.

Detainee: Do you think I was standing outside with a telescope or something? The wind chill is like, minus thirty. Plus, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, it’s daylight twenty-four seven.

Interrogator: Okay okay, so what was the reaction of people in the station? Were people scared? Was there panic?

Detainee: No panic but people where obviously concerned. Speculation on the news was crazy, no one had any idea what was going on.

Interrogator: You had no insight as to what was happening?

Detainee: No. All we knew was what was showing up on the news sites, which was everything from it being a secret Chinese secret weapon to Jesus coming back. We were just as in the dark as everyone else.

Interrogator: It never attempted to make contact with you?

Detainee: I don’t even think that they knew we were there until…

Interrogator: It descended.

Detainee: Right. After it hung out over the pole for a few hours it came down and started burrowing into the ice sheet.

Interrogator: How far down did it go?

Detainee: All the way to the ground I think.

Interrogator: And that’s when the occupants made contact with the station?

Detainee Yeah.

Interrogator: How did they do that?

Detainee: They…sent an email to everyone.

Interrogator: An email?

Detainee: Yeah. Somehow, they got into our system and sent an email to everyone.

Interrogator: What did they say?

Detainee: Basically, they assured us that we would not be harmed but that our removal from the region would be required.

Interrogator: And this message was in English?

Detainee: Yeah. I think that’s what they were doing when they were floating above the surface. Like, scanning through all of our information on the internet figuring out how to communicate with us.

Interrogator: How did you know it was from them, and not someone pulling a prank or something?

Detainee: We didn’t really have time to consider it. Almost as soon as I finished reading the message the power went out in the station. Next thing I knew, I was alone in some kind of holding cell.

Interrogator: Were you in their craft? Describe it to me.

Detainee: I think so. It was just a small room with a plank to lay on.

Interrogator: Did you see any equipment? Any of their tech?

Detainee: No. The room was completely empty. I didn’t even have a window.

Interrogator: Did you see any of the others?

Detainee: No. I was by myself.

Interrogator: How long were you in there?

Detainee: It was only a couple of minutes before one of them came in.

Interrogator: You saw one of them?

Detainee: Sort of. It was wearing some kind of protective suit I think. Maybe trying to prevent contamination or something.

Interrogator: What did it look like?

Detainee It was big. Maybe eight-nine feet tall, roughly humanoid I guess. Real stocky though, with longer arms and shorter legs. Had kind of a long, thick neck.

Interrogator: What did its face look like?

Detainee: I couldn’t see it. Like I said, it was wearing a suit and it had some kind of face shield on it.

Interrogator: A face shield?

Detainee: Yeah, it was weird. It was a flat, diamond shape. I couldn’t see it’s face but I got the impression it could see me. Or, whatever equivalent they have to seeing…

Interrogator: What did it do? Did it threaten or harm you in any way?

Detainee: No, it just…talked to me.

Interrogator: It spoke to you? In English?

Detainee: Yeah. Its voice sounded heavily modulated, like it was coming through speakers or something, but it was definitely speaking English.

Interrogator: What did it say?

Detainee: At first it told me not to be alarmed or panic. I guess some of the others freaked out when they saw it. Then it just asked me basic questions; where I was from, what I did at the station, stuff like that.

Interrogator: And you answered its questions?

Detainee: Sure, why not? It wasn’t threatening. In fact, it was weird, I felt oddly comfortable talking to it. More comfortable than I currently am anyway.

Interrogator: Did you manage to find out anything about them.

Detainee: A little. It said that their craft was essentially what is left of their civilization after a long conflict. They came here since it’s close enough to their native climate and picked the South Pole because they figured no one would be dwelling there.

Interrogator: Right. Did it say where they came from?

Detainee: No. Not that it would have meant anything to me, I’m not an astronomer.

Interrogator: Did they harm you or threaten you in any way?

Detainee: No. It was hard to tell with the communication barrier but it almost seemed like they were apologetic about the whole situation.

Interrogator: What happened next?

Detainee: I got led to some kind of hanger and I got into the pod with [NAME REDACTED] and [NAME REDACTED] and they told us they were sending everyone back to our regions of origin.

Interrogator: And that’s when you got on the craft that violated American air space.

Detainee: Right, and then you tried to shoot us down. Fortunately for us their technology is way more advanced than ours, which should have already been obvious.

Interrogator: I’m sorry if you are upset but we had to assume that their intentions were hostile.

Detainee: What? Why? They’re basically refugees.

Interrogator: Refugees don’t annex an entire continent and deport the people who are already there.

Detainee: Well I hope the penguins will find them to be benevolent dictators.

Interrogator: Sarcasm won’t diffuse the seriousness of this situation.

Detainee: They don’t mean us any harm, they say their presence here will be unobtrusive.

Interrogator: Their presence has already been quite intrusive [NAME REDACTED]. All you have to do is look at the news. The United States government is taking this whole incident very seriously.”

Detainee: You guys are looking at this the wrong way. This is a huge opportunity for the entire human species. They’re rational beings. They would probably be willing to share their knowledge and technology with us.

Interrogator: Well the president believes that these…beings pose an existential threat to American security and sovereignty.

Detainee: Oh man, you guys aren’t thinking about attacking them are you? They already know pretty much everything about us. They hacked your system to put in an FAA flight plan remember? They would see you coming a mile away.

Interrogator: I’m not at liberty to discuss any actions the we may be taking. I want to thank you for your cooperation [NAME REDACTED], however given your sympathies in this matter you’re going to have to remain in custody for just a little while longer.

Detainee: Wait-


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