AOC’s Peasant Uprising

Uh oh, it looks like New York Representative Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez is being naughty again. Last week, AOC announced that she was raising the minimum salary of her staff members to $52,000/year. This, for some reason, inspired Fox News to suddenly care very deeply about what Congressional staffers are paid.

Fox & Friends weekend co-host Pete Hegseth slammed the move, calling it “socialism and communism on display.” demonstrating that he doesn’t know what either of those words mean.

Lawmakers each have a budget for operating and staffing their respective offices and can set salaries accordingly. “It’s likely one of the highest entry-level salaries on the Hill,” AOC wrote on Twitter on Friday. “We pinch pennies elsewhere, but it’s worth every dime to pay a living wage.”

Hegseth wasn’t having any of that!

“Your entry level intern is making 52 grand, while your chief of staff ― who has a very important role in a congressional office now is capped at 80, as opposed to the actual market rate on Capitol Hill which is closer to $150,000. So everyones’s between 52 and 80.”

Which isn’t true of course, interns get an hourly wage of $15/hour, not a salary. And if AOC’s Chief of Staff agrees to a salary of $80,000/year, that’s between them.

Hegseth also took Ocasio-Cortez to task over her congressional salary. Which she doesn’t set.

“She should probably redistribute some of that,” he said. “Will you share some of that money, Miss Congresswoman, with the rest of your staff who is not making as much as you?”

OK, so now he has a problem with her getting too much? Man, it’s almost like she’s wrong no matter what she does…

The Fox & Friends team also seemed to have a problem with the fact that Ocasio-Cortez’s office, like all offices of lawmakers, was funded by the government. You know, because they work for the government.

“It’s not like she earned the money,” co-host Griff Jenkins said. “She’s just redistributing it.”

This of course is all coming from a guys who get 6-figure salaries (at least!) to sit on a couch and read a teleprompter on the weekends.

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