Don’t Call Him a Denier!

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that William Happer, a retired Princeton physics professor with no expertise in climatology, will lead a panel called the Presidential Committee on Climate Security.

Happer, unsurprisingly, is a climate change denier with a history of “controversial” comments. He has claimed rising carbon dioxide levels not only aren’t harmful, but also are actually beneficial (they are not). Happer even compared carbon dioxide to Jews in Nazi Germany.

Sorry, what?

“The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler,” Happer said on Squawk Box on CNBC in 2014. He added: “Carbon dioxide is actually a benefit to the world, and so were the Jews.”

What is he, CO2’s PR agent?

Happer, who is on Donald Trump’s National Security Council for some reason, has a history of dropping Nazi references.


In a 2017 interview with ProPublica, Happer said the word “denier,” which is applied to people such as himself who, wait for it, deny the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, was “carefully chosen to make me look like a Nazi sympathizer.” Um, no. It was chosen to make him look like someone who denies the scientific consensus on a subject he has no expertise in.

In 2009, he called climate science a “cult” and said that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant (not really the issue). Then he dropped another Nazi comparison to those who accept that the overwhelming majority of scientists in relevant fields think climate change is a thing and we should be concerned about it:

“This is George Orwell. This is ‘The Germans are the master race. The Jews are the scum of the earth,’” he said. “It’s that kind of propaganda.”

In an another interview with The Best Schools, he managed to name-check the Salem witch trials, the French revolution, the Soviet purge, and the Nazis in defense of climate change deniers such as himself.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. It’s almost like Happer is super defensive about his obviously ludicrous public position on climate change and feels like he has to go to 11 to demonize those who correctly criticize him for it. Where have we seen that before?

Happer’s new panel will determine whether climate change is a national security threat, the Post reported.

I wonder what conclusion they’ll come to?

The Pentagon has already issued a major report detailing that climate change is a significant national security threat.

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