The Red Hats are Coming

Over the weekend, a video went viral showing a group of the younger members of Trump’s Red Hat Brigade mocking and taunting a Native American Vietnam veteran during a rally for indigenous peoples’ rights. The Red Hats smugly mocked the man’s chant and engaged in some of their own anti-immigrant chants like “Build the wall” and “Keep America American”.

They chanted “Build the wall” at a Native American.

Native. American.

It’s a pretty disturbing video but for the stupidity on display. The behavior of the high school boys has been roundly condemned, even by their own school, but one of the (very small) silver linings of the video however, is that it once again shines a light on the lie that is Trumpian immigration policy.

Trump has been keeping the Government shut down for the last month, forcing hundreds of thousands of Government workers to be furloughed or work without pay, because he demands funding for his border wall. He and his surrogates insist that the wall is necessary to national security and would be super effective in curtailing illegal immigration and drug trafficking and is totally not just a giant middle finger to non-white people.

Republicans have been insisting for over a decade that they’re not racist, they’re just against illegal immigration, yet here we have a bunch of #MAGA boys chanting “Build the wall.” at a Naive American. Trump continues to put the children of asylum seekers in prison camps with no significant push-back from his party. As congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed out after Trump’s national address, the Trump administration is doing all it can to curtail legal immigration like ending family reunification and the diversity lottery program.

I’m beginning to think that the wall is not really about “illegal immigration”.

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