Impeach the MotherF*cker!

Last night, Buzzfeed reported that they have evidence suggesting that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress during his testimony regarding building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Something Trump at the time was denying, which of course later turned out to be true. In the time since Cohen testified before Congress though, he’s turned state’s-witness against Trump in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Trump has on a number of occasions tried to intimidate witnesses testifying before Congress and other investigations into his myriad crimes, but actual, solid evidence that he suborned perjury has many throwing around the “I” word a lot more today. Many politicians and journalists have suggested that if the reports turns out to be valid, Trump should either resign the presidency or be impeached. Pretty strong coming from people who like to beat around the bush.

On top of that, this is all happening while Trump’s approval rating has dropped below 40 percent during a government shutdown that a majority of the public (rightly) blames him for. It’s likely going to take more substantial evidence and further dropping of hid approval numbers, but you better believe that some Senate Republicans are looking nervously at their 2020 calendars.

Could this finally be “The Thing”? Could this be what finally sinks Lord Dampnut and evicts him from the White House? Will he cut a deal and resign to keep himself and his kids out of jail? Or will he finally pull the trigger on declaring a National Emergency at the border in a desperate attempt to hold on to power?

Admittedly, I’m pretty skeptical that there are any Republicans in the Senate (or House for that matter) that actually believe that Trump is innocent and this is going to change their mind. There’s little chance that the Republicans will ever turn on Trump forcing him to leave office. This crop of Republican politicians are cowards and authoritarian by nature, so they won’t do anything to cross Trump or his Red Hats. They’ll defend the Childlike Emperor until the bitter end.

Hang on to your butts!

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