And Another Thing…

Hey, did you hear that Gillette single handedly destroyed masculinity?

Earlier this week, Gillette released a web ad that dared to suggest that men should treat women with respect, step in when they see other men not treating women with respect, and generally set good examples for boys so they don’t grow up to be giant dickwads.  Much like the Nike campaign before it, this inspired conservatives and “alpha males” on the internet to light their hair (and probably their Gillette razors in some cases) on fire.

Their claim? That Gillette was “villainizing” masculinity and the company wants men to emasculate themselves on the altar of the dreaded SOCIAL JUSTICE. Demonstrating the need for the ad in the first place and once again exposing the fraud that is right-wing masculinity. I mean really, the people who spend their days calling other people “snowflakes” on twitter once again have become wilting flowers over a commercial. I know the schadenfreude I feel is probably not in keeping with the message of the advertisement, but turnabout is fair play.

In other news, the Clemson football team got to visit the White House after winning the college football national championship. Unfortunately, because Donald Trump kept his promise to run the government like one of his businesses, said government is shut down and most of the White House staff is either on furlough or working without pay.

To make it up to the Tigers, Lord Dampnut decided to throw a banquet of Big Macs, French fries, and metric fuckload other fast food and served on silver platters. Because everything Trump does has to be bizarre and/or terrifying. I won’t say much about the actual banquet, but there is something I noticed while watching Trump’s comments before the banquet on the news: Why the hell are Trump’s suits always too big for him? Dude’s the President of the United States and a billionaire (allegedly), he can’t get a tailored suit? Why has no one ever shown him how to properly wear a tie? Why hasn’t he ever consulted with a stylist to do something about that pile of shit on his head? He’s an embarrassment just on looks alone.

Apologies, I must be salty today…

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