CoT Part 27: World Revolution

The Final Battle (Dream’s End)

When morning comes, the party breaks camp and ready themselves for what’s to come. With no more side projects to complete it’s time to assault the Black Omen. Crono, Robo, and Magus board the Epoch and fly to the west toward the gigantic floating fortress which somehow exists in all time periods simultaneously to finally put a stop to Queen Zeal and Lavos. The group finds an entry way into the Omen at the bottom of the fortress which is guarded by a series of laser turrets. Apparently, Queen Zeal has been appropriating technology from other time periods. Once the turrets are taken care of, the group enters and immediately find themselves face-to-face with Queen Zeal. She taunts the team for their foolishness in continuing to oppose her now that she has achieved immortality. She then tells them that the Black Omen is the conduit through which Lavos’ limitless power flows before she summons the Mega Mutant to deal with the group and vanishes.

The Mega Mutant proves to be a tough foe but is eventually defeated and the party enters the Black Omen in an effort to catch up to Queen Zeal. The Black Omen is a grueling gauntlet full of dangerous monsters and mutants within vast complex. Inside the group sees further evidence that the Omen borrows from future eras in its construction with metal catwalks and high-tech weaponry alongside the more elegant trappings of the Ocean Palace. Unlike the Ocean Palace where the group started at the top of the palace and worked their way down, the group finds themselves this time starting at the bottom of the massive citadel and working their way up. As the group continues to make its way up the Omen, the group gets a small respite when they run into two Nus. One of the Nus offers to let the group escape by transporting them back to the entrance. This might come in handy if the group had bitten off more than they could chew, but the party has thus far handled the Omen reasonably well so far. The other of the two Nus allows the group to restock on some items that it sells to them. Once they complete their business with the Nu, it complains about how difficult it is to make a living there. The heart of the Black Omen maybe isn’t the best place to set up shop.

After stocking up on some provisions, the group continues on their way to the top of the Black Omen. As the team nears their destination however, the resistance against them intensifies drastically. First, the party runs into the Giga Mutant, an even more fearsome variant of the Mega Mutant that the party faced before. After the Giga Mutant is defeated, the ante is upped once again when the group encounters the Terra Mutant. Once the Terra Mutant is dealt with, it appears that they way to the queen’s chamber is finally open but one obstacle yet remains. As the group approaches the doorway to the queen’s chamber a Time Gate opens and one of the Lavos Spawn emerges this one older and more powerful than its Death Peak counterparts. Fortunately for the party, by this time they are experts at dealing with Lavos Spawn and the creature is defeated like all of the others. The way is finally open.

Inside the queen’s chamber, the Crono, Ayla, and Magus see versions of themselves and the entire party suspended in some kind of stasis pods. Past the strange pods, the group finds what appears to be a ruined Mammon Machine. With the entire Black Omen working as a gigantic Mammon Machine, apparently there is not much need for the previous model. Queen Zeal then appears to the group in front of the dilapidated Mammon Machine and helpfully explains to them that the figures that they see in the pods are their future selves slumbering in her hall. She then reiterates to the group that the Black Omen transcends both time and space awaiting the awakening of Lavos and she will now guide them to the depths of Lavos’ dream which for them will unquestionably be a nightmare. Queen Zeal then faces the group in battle directly attempting to put an end to their interference, however the three prove to be tougher than she anticipates. After a short fight, Zeal decides a better course of action would be to “feed” the trio to the Mammon Machine. The party then find themselves in a strange chamber with a pristine Mammon Machine which attempts to absorb their defeated forms and make them one with the Black Omen. Giving the group direct access proves to be a bad move however as they team manage to defeat the Machine destroying it once and for all.

Once the dust clears, Crono, Ayla, and Magus find themselves standing of the very top of the Black Omen, so high up that they can see the curvature of the planet below them. Queen Zeal once again appears above them and she is livid. She scolds the group for constantly harrying her attempts to rule the world for all eternity at Lavos’ side. Magus then challenges his mother, calling her a fool for thinking that anything lasts forever and pledges to put an end to her madness. Zeal, still only seeing Magus as the former prophet, can only seethe at his betrayal and decides to get serious and battles the group at the top of the Black Omen. Despite her more powerful form, Queen Zeal is again defeated but not ready to give up just yet. With one last ace remaining, Zeal calls on Lavos to intervene on her behalf. The sea beneath the Black Omen (in 12,000 B.C.) begins to stir as Lavos makes its way to the surface and Queen Zeal proclaims that the group will be annihilated and she will be immortal before vanishing once again. As Lavos begins to emerge at the surface, an enormous wave of energy envelops the Black Omen dissolving it as Lavos emerges.

When Crono, Ayla, and Magus come to, they find themselves face to face with Lavos’ monstrous form. Unlike the first time the party faced off against the world destroying parasite, Lavos this time decides to toy with the group somewhat in appropriating the style and tactics of adversaries that the party has faced through the different ages: The Dragon Tank, the Guardian, Heckran, Zombor, Masa and Mune, Nizbel, Magus, Azla and the Black Tyrano, and the Giga Gaia. Unfortunatly for Lavos, the creature forgot to upscale the strength of the opponents to compensate for the growth of the party so the team actually makes short work of the various forms that Lavos takes. Eventually, Lavos gives up the game and decides to fight the party itself and the true battle begins. This time, Lavos’ opening move of raining destruction from the heavens manages to hit the party hard, but fails to knock them out like their scuffle in the Ocean Palace. After a fierce battle against the monster, Lavos appears to be defeated when it’s “head” disappears and leaves a gaping hole in its shell, much like one of the Lavos spawns did on Death Peak. Magus isn’t fooled by such an apparently easy victory however and the group decide to enter the shell and see to it that the job is done.

Inside the cavernous shell, the party can hear the heartbeat and breathing of the beast confirming that there is yet more work to do in putting Lavos down permanently. Before the group descends into the inner chamber of Lavos’ shell, they decide to make a personnel change switching Ayla and Magus for Lucca and Marle. This journey will end how it began; with the original three who decided to make the fate of the future their responsibility. As the trio make their way deeper into the shell, they can hear Lavos’ heart rate increase and its breathing become more rapid until they find themselves facing their foe. The battle against the being inside the shell of Lavos is a brutal and long one, but eventually the Crono, Marle, and Lucca are victorious and the creature lets out a muddled cry as it melts away leaving only a small, vaguely humanoid form behind.

Upon seeing what remains of Lavos after defeating its outer shell and its inner form, Lucca has a revelation about Lavos’ nature. She suggests that Lavos has been harvesting the DNA and genetic material of the planet’s life forms and adding it to its own for eons in order to improve itself. Then, its spawn would to seek out new life forms throughout the universe and continue the cycle. Marle decides it time to put an end to the Lavos’ cycle of destruction and the three move to challenge the intergalactic parasite. The creature lets out another cry and all of them are enveloped in some kind of temporal field as the battle begins again. As the fight progresses, Lavos repeatedly seems to change the era in which the battle is taking place while at the same time unleashing powerful attacks on the party. After yet another grueling battle, the team manages to finally destroy the creature’s core killing the entire organism. As the field created by Lavos collapse around them, everything fades to white…

Sometime later, Crono finds himself in a familiar situation; having his slumber interrupted by a voice calling out to him. This time however, the voice is coming from a soldier from the castle. The soldier informs Crono that he is being summoned to the castle because his stay of execution has been waived. At this point Crono probably thinks that he should have settled down in 600 A.D. or 65M B.C. where he’s a little more appreciated. The soldier escorts Crono to Guardia Castle and brings him to the throne room before King Guardia and the Chancellor. The king the demands to know where Nadia is as if Crono hadn’t been asleep just 20 minutes ago. How is he supposed to know? Fortunately, Marle is still in the castle and immediately barges in and comes to Crono’s defense. As she does. The king then decides to consult with the Chancellor for a moment before the Chancellor tells Crono that his deeds have had a significant impact on the entire kingdom. Marle then tries to intercede on Crono’s behalf again before the king cracks and can’t keep up the charade any longer and tells them that he knows what they’ve been up to. Then Doan, the leader of the Arris Dome survivors from 2300 A.D., enters the throne room and gives the team credit for giving his people hope for the future. Once Doan has said his piece King Guardia XXI enters the throne room and thanks Crono and Marle for their part in restoring piece to the kingdom four hundred years ago. And just to top everything off, Kino enters on cue and tells everyone how they defeated the reptites!

Flabbergasted, Marle asks the obvious question: How did they all get there? Lucca then emerges from her hiding spot behind the king’s throne to reveal that she brought all of them there in order to debrief the king on what was going on. She also reveals that all of the participants are either ancestors or decedents of Marle bloodline, showing that Marle’s family has pretty much been running the world forever. Crono, for his part, doesn’t seem to be too upset that Lucca just pulled one of the most ambitious pranks in video game history on him. What a good sport. King Guardia XXXIII then announces that a victory parade will be held in honor of the group for their heroics and tells Marle to go and enjoy the final day of the Millennial Fair while the preparations are made.

That evening everyone gathers at the fairgrounds once again to kick off the Moonlight Parade, a celebration of both the party’s accomplishments and the final night of the Millennial Fair. Lights, dancers, and revelers fill Leene Square as Marle and Crono explore the festival. The duo find Crono’s mother amongst the crowd she expresses how proud she is of them, however she does wish that Crono would spend more time at the house and look after the cat. I guess there really is no pleasing some people. Nearby, Marle and Crono find Lucca’s parents, Lara is doing her best to get Taban to dance wither but he seems to be more interested in finishing his drink. Melchior has even stopped in for the festivities (dude get around quick!). He tells the two that he hopes that now there will no longer be any need for his weapons and is relieved that his days as a weapon smith will soon be over.

While chatting with people at the festival is nice, the real action is at the rear of the fairgrounds where Lucca’s Telepod still sits. Marle an Crono meet up with the rest of the party (and associates) to say their farewells. Now that Lavos has been defeated, the gates are beginning to grow weak and it is time for everyone to go back to their own eras. First up is Ayla and Kino. Ayla tells everyone how much fun she has had during their adventures. Marle reminds the two to have a bunch of healthy kids for her sake and Kino assures her that won’t be an issue given how much energy Ayla has. It takes a moment for some of the group to realize what he’s getting at but before he can cause any more embarrassment, Ayla grabs him by the scruff and ushers him into the gate. Ayla then turn back and blows one last kiss to everyone before heading into the gate herself. Next up is Frog and King Guardia XXI. Recognizing that Queen Leene is awaiting their return, the king enters the gate with Frog, feeling that farewells ought to be kept brief, move to follow close behind. Before Frog can enter the gate however, Marle stops him and plants a kiss on him. Lucca naturally, can’t resist an opportunity to make a princess kissing the frog joke. Frog has a good laugh and enters the gate heading back to 600 A.D. Next up is Magus, who takes the “short farewell” thing even more seriously than Frog. Marle asks the mage if he intends to search for Shcala but Magus departs through the gate before answering.

The last to leave is Robo. Before entering the gate, he pledges to continue to work hard to make the future a better place. Lucca however can’t hide her concern that since they altered the future so significantly that Robo might no longer have a place there. Robo does his best to put Lucca at ease but it doesn’t work and she scolds him for pretending to not care. Robo then tells Lucca that he is grateful for everything he’s learned over the course of their adventure. He then goes to step into the gate but instead collides with the Telepod because “oil” was obstructing his visual sensors. It’s probably safe to say that Robo will be fine.

Once all of the goodbyes are done, Lucca asks Marle and Crono if the remember the talk they had at the camp fire about how one’s life flashes before their eyes before death. Lucca tells the two of them that she believes that the “entity” is now probably at peace. Marle then remarks that it sure is easy to mess things up while one’s traveling through time which leads Lucca to then suggest that they dismantle the Epoch even though it will mean that they won’t be able to visit any of their friends. Before any final decision can be made however, Crono’s pet cat runs into the square followed by Crono’s mother. Crono’s mom then scolds Crono for not being around to take care of the cat before said cat runs into the gate closely followed by mom, the Time Gate then closes behind her before Crono can follow. After a brief moment of panic, the group makes their decision. Looks like the Epoch won’t be dismantled after all now that the team must search through time and space looking for Crono’s mom and his cat (hopefully she didn’t end up in 65M B.C. and fall dow that cliff though). At the same time, they might as well look in on their friends.

Before the three can head off, a soldier enters and tell them that the king is awaiting Princess Nadia in the main square. The group arrive in the square while the king is unveiling a new bell to celebrate the occasion. The king tells the group that he is very happy now that Nadia no longer has any reason to run off anymore and reveals Nadia’s Bell suspended in the air by a cluster of party balloons. Marle and the team run off while the king installs the bell. The king gets himself stuck while finishing up but Marle only laughs and tells her father she has to run. Taban then enters the square and instead of helping the king as he helplessly hangs off of Nadia’s bell, decides to set off some of his fireworks. The spectacular display is seen in the distance as Crono, Marle, and Lucca take off once again on the Wings of Time.


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