CoT Part 22: No Loose Ends

The Fated Hour (2)

When he’s not in the current party, Magus can be found at the End of Time sulking by himself and staring into the void (as he does). Speaking to the former Fiendlord reveals that he’s a little concerned that his former general Ozzie is still knocking around in 600 A.D. making trouble. He says that Ozzie had his own fortress made in the same style as Magus’ castle and expresses a desire to pay his old right-hand a visit so Magus, along with Ayla and Frog, board the Epoch and set course for the middle ages.

Once the group arrives in 600 A.D., they find Ozzie’s Fort to the east of where Magus’ Castle once was and where present-day Media village will stand. Magus and the team are greeted by Ozzie when they enter the fortress but the reception is far from warm. At first, Ozzie is just shocked to see that Magus is still alive, but his surprise quickly turns to anger as he accuses Magus of being a traitor to the Mystics before escaping deeper into the fort (this will be a recurring theme).

In the next chamber of the fortress the gang runs into Ozzie again. He hurls some insults at the group before Flea appears and offers to deal with the intruders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the magician has been practicing too much since Crono and the gang defeated him (!) and he is no match for Ayla, Frog, and Magus. Once he is defeated, Flea follows Ozzie’s lead and escapes. The group then enters the next room where a narrow walkway is surrounded on both sides with pits and conveyor belts. Seems some construction is still underway in the fortress. Ozzie once again appears to taunt the team safely from a balcony before trying to spring a trap using some of the monsters he “borrowed” from Magus’s castle. The monsters leap onto the conveyor belts on either side of the walkway but then fall into the pit below when they fail to pay attention to their surroundings. Once his plan goes pear-shaped, Ozzie realizes he’s in a pickle and falls back again.

When the group enters the next room Ozzie is there to sick Slash on the team. Slash laments having to fight his former commander, but he doesn’t have to do so for long as he doesn’t fare any better than Flea and is quickly defeated. Once beaten, Slash beats feet out of the chamber and the team enters another hallway where Ozzie has set another clever trap. He’s brought in one of his guillotines and placed a treasure chest under it as bait, tempting the group to go for it. Why Ozzie thought that Magus would fall for such a silly trap is anyone’s guess but he doesn’t take the bait. As the group walks toward the door, an imp follows them into the room and can’t resist trying to go for the treasure chest springing the trap on itself. With his latest scheme up in smoke, Ozzie panics and beats feet into the next room. The group then raids the booby-trapped treasure chest and even find a hidden compartment in the room containing some sweet new equipment for Magus.

The next chamber finds Ozzie, Flea, and Slash waiting for Ayla, Frog, and Magus, ready to challenge them to a three-on-three grudge match.  The three former generals actually fare much better working as a group instead of individually and even employ some dual and triple techs of their own against the group. The end result doesn’t change however as the three Mystics are eventually overcome and Ozzie (again!) runs away into the next room. Once the group catches up to Ozzie, it appears that the Mystic general is up against the wall and finally has nowhere else to run. Backed into a corner, Ozzie expresses his disbelief at Magus’ betrayal and accuses him of merely using him and his fellow Mystics. Magus has no issue acknowledging that he was merely trying to amass power in the effort to destroy Lavos and lets Ozzie know that his end is now upon him. No willing to go out just yet, Ozzie uses his crystal barrier to protect him. Frog, having seen this strategy before, immediately hits one of the switches behind Ozzie expecting to turn his trap against him once again but is taken by surprise as a trap door opens underneath the group plunging them down to the previous floor. Recovering from this minor inconvenience, the group returns to Ozzie’s holdout moments later. As they prepare to do battle against Ozzie once again they are interrupted by the entrance of a small cat who trots into the room and starts to play with one of Ozzie’s switches. Before Ozzie can stop the cat or move out from above the trap door, the cat toggles the switch opening the door underneath Ozzie’s feet plunging the general into the depths below.

With the last remnants of Fiendlord’s leadership dealt with, the group exits Ozzie’s Fort and decide to pay a visit to Medina in 1000 A.D. to check in on the residents. What the group finds is a far more peaceful and welcoming community at the former site of the fortress. The trio are greeted with open arms wherever they go and no statues are being worshiped at the town’s square. At the village elder’s house the mayor of Medina gives the group a warm welcome before continuing negotiations with a man who is trying to establish a ferry route between Truce and Medina. In the kitchen the group runs into Ozzie VIII toiling away right where he belongs.


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