CoT Part 14: Extinction Level Events

Forward to the Past (65,000,000 B.C.)

Hey, why are you doing here? The game is over, everyone died remember?

Leene’s bell begins ringing and Crono and someone calls Crono’s name. Instead of Crono’s mother however the one calling his name is Marle. Marle enters the bedroom and opens the curtains on a new day. She then turns to Crono and insists that he get out of bed and get to work. Marle tells Crono that he needs to learn to hold down a job so they can stop mooching off of her dad.

Geez, even in the afterlife women be nagging. Amiright guys?

Crono awakens and instead of being dead, he, Frog, and Lucca are in Ayla’s hut in Ioka village. Ayla sees that Crono is awake and explains to him that she was wandering the Mystic Mountains since she missed him (aww!) and she came across them and brought them back to her hut to heal their injuries. Frog then awakens still in the heat of battle and calls out Magus’ name looking to fight. Ayla regards Frog for a moment then asks Crono if she can eat the large frog man. Frog shoots her down and asks if she found anyone else with them but Ayla insists that she only found the three of them. She then tells them to get some rest.

When the group awakens later, Kino is there watching over them and explains that Ayla went to Laruba Village in order to seek their help in one last battle against the reptites. Just then another villager enters the hut and reports to Kino that there’s been a fire in the northern woods where Laruba is and Kino rushes out with the villager to assess the situation. Crono, Frog, and Lucca gather themselves up and head to the northern woods to see if they can offer any assistance. Before the group leaves Ioka they hear from the villagers that a new red star has appeared which can now be seen even during the day. Well, that’s ominous.

By the time the group gets to Laruba things have already calmed back down. The remaining villagers report to the team that the reptites attacked and killed many and managed to capture some of the others including Kino. Further in the group find Ayla arguing with the Laruba chief who blames her for the attack. He claims that the reptites followed Ayla to their village and if she didn’t insist on fighting the reptites, they could have continued to live in peace. Ayla apologizes but insists that running and hiding is no way to live and resolves to continue fighting the reptites. She then requests that the chief let her use the Dactyls so she can assault the reptite’s stronghold and bring back the captured villagers. The chief relents and Ayla goes off to the Dactyl nest.

When Crono, Lucca, and Marle catch up to Ayla at the top of the Dactyl nest, she’s already in the middle of summoning the Dactyls to assist her. Crono and the gang off their assistance but Ayla is reluctant to let them help explaining that live or die, this is going to be the final battle against the reptites. Marle chimes in and insists that they let her return the favor for helping the group earlier. Alyla gives in and summons more Dactyls for Crono and Marle and the three take off heading to the center of the reptite’s power, the Tyranno Lair.

Unnatural Selection? (65,000,000 B.C.)

Like any good supervillain, Azala placed their stronghold on a plateau overlooking a sea of lava, thus necessitating the Dactyls which allow them to fly right to the castle. Once they make their way into the lair, the group finds two possible routes deeper into the castle both taking the form of Tyrannosaurus skulls. Azala has set a pretty high bar early on for supervillains is seems. At the moment only one of the doors is open to the group so they head that way into the castle’s dungeons. Once in the dungeons the group finds the cell holding the Laurba P.O.W.s. After the guards are taken care of, Crono opens the cell allowing the prisoners to escape. Since Kino was not among the first group of prisoners, Ayla, Crono, and Marle head to the next level of the prison to continue looking for him. In the next section of the prison they find Kino in solitary confinement with his reptite guards taunting him. Their tune changes quickly once they see Ayla and her crew coming at them and once they are dispatched, Ayla sets about breaking Kino out. Once Kino is out, Ayla instructs him to find the Laurba villagers and lead them to safety. First thoug, Kino leads the group back to the entrance and opens up the second Tyrannosaurus skull so they can make their way into the depths of the castle.

As Ayla, Crono, and Marle fight their way through the Tyranno Lair, they manage to run into an old friend. When the group begins near Azala. they run into Nizbel who is working on his flex routine. When the group speaks to him, he helpfully tells them that Azala is in her throne room just down the hallway. Before the team can move on however, Nizbel realizes his mistake and does what he can to impede their progress. Nizbel manages to put up a good fight, proving that he is in fact getting stronger but ultimately, he is defeated again and the group can move on to face Azala.

When the group reaches Azala’s throne room she tells them that she’s eagerly awaiting the final confrontation between the reptites and humans. Seemingly on cue, a terrible roar is heard in the throne room and Azala makes her exit through the door directly behind the throne. Undaunted, the group quickly follows Azala onto an outdoor walkway high above the ground leading to a tower containing Azala’s super-weapon which she intends to use against the humans, the Black Tyranno. Azala is then seen calling out to the red star in the sky before engaging the group in battle.

The Black Tyranno, despite being fearsome, is eventually defeated and Azala is utterly devastated that his ultimate weapon against the humans failed and the reptites now seem to be in decline. Azala tells Ayla to remember that the reptites went down fighting. At this point it’s clear that the red star is quickly approaching and Azala claims that the meteor will bring widespread destruction to the entire world. Ayla then points out to the group that “Lavos” in their language means “big fire.” Interesting that’ naming convention has lasted through the ages like it does.

With the meteor heading right toward them Kino shows up just in time with the Dactyls to aid in their escape. Man, Kino is really knocking it out of the park lately being useful. It’s a nice change of pace from the last time we were in this era. Ayla tries to convince Azala to with them but she insists on going down with the ship. As the group departs, she tells them take care of this world as best they can. They group then gets as far away from the Tyranno Lair before Lavos finally strikes the planet right next to the castle.

Observing the destruction from the minimum safe distance, Ayla, Crono, and Marle decide to try to go to the impact site and see if they can do something about Lavos now that they might be weak after burning through the atmosphere and slamming into the ground. Unfortunately, by the time they reach the impact site, Lavos has already burrowed deep in to the earth and is out of the groups reach. The group does come across a gate however leading Marle to speculate that perhaps Lavos is the source of the gates. With nothing much else to do in the area at the moment the group decides to enter this new gate and perhaps find more clues in the fight against Lavos.


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