CoT Part 13: A Black Wind Howls

Magus’ Castle (600 A.D.)

As Crono, Frog, and Marle enter the main entrance of Magus’ Castle they are met with…silence. The large door in the center of the rear wall is sealed but there are doors to both the left and the right that the group can explore. The door to the left leads to a chamber with a few random people walking around. When the group tries to engage the people, they merely let out a nervous laugh or say something creepy. Speaking of creepy, for some reason a bat has been shadowing the group since they entered the magic cave after Frog took up the Masamune. Further into the chamber sits another small chamber with an empty throne against the rear wall.

With nothing too remarkable in the left wing of the castle, Crono, Frog, and Marle try the right side. In the first chamber on the right side of the castle, the group comes across a group of children guarding a treasure chest. When the group tries to talk to the children they just say more creepy stuff so the group moves on. In the next room the group comes across…the king? Not only is it the king but it’s Malre’s father, not the current monarch of 600 A.D. Well that’s strange, how did he get here? Past the king the group does in fact run into one of the monarchs of the current era, Queen Leene. Beyond Queen Leene and even stranger sight awaits the group, Crono’s mom. It’s bad enough that the mystics can take the form of important people, but the fact that they can also somehow read the minds of the people in the castle and take the form of people who are important to them is extra super creepy. The last room on the right side of the castle is another empty throne room.

When the group returns to the central foyer again they are finally greeted by Magus’ right-hand man, Ozzie. Naturally Ozzie doesn’t miss an opportunity to to taunt Frog about Cyrus and inquires if his new companions are his “replacements.” He then tells the group that Magus is preoccupied at the moment so they’ll have to deal with him, Slash, and Flea in the meantime before sicking a bunch of monsters on the group and disappearing.

After Ozzie’s squad goes down the Crono, Frog, and Marle head back to the left side of the castle. In the hall beyond the door they find that the humans that were originally in the hall have been replaced by groups of monsters who are conducting rituals for Magus/Lavos. Then back in the throne, room the humans that were wandering the halls originally seem to have taken refuge. When Crono speaks to one of the people they ask to be released from their eternal suffering and the entire group transform into skeletons and attack the group (rated E for everyone!).

One that unsettling episode is over, the master swordsman Slash makes his appearance and challenges the group. Before things get started he recalls an a previous encounter with Frog and Cyrus and wonders out loud how it would have turned out for Frog if Cyrus wasn’t there. Slash’s tune changes halfway through the fight however when it looks like he’s actually going to have to take the group seriously. He then jumps onto his throne in the back of the room and takes the sword that he had hanging on the wall above and the fight finally begins for real. Despite taking it up to eleven Slash eventually does fall, declaring that dying in Magus’ service is a great honor. Well, glad we could helper you out there buddy. After the dust clears, Crono helps himself to Slash’s sword.

Back to the right side, the group re-enters the small room occupied by the children who are guarding the treasure chest. Well, at least they’re still human. When Crono speaks to one of the children, they ask the group to play with them (uh oh) before transforming into monsters. We really should have expected this by this point. Once those creatures are dispatched, the group moves into the next room where Marle’s father await. I wonder whats going to happen? Whoever appears here is a function of who is the third person in your party (Crono and Frog are mandatory at this point). If it’s Marle, King Guardia XXXIII will appear here, if it’s Lucca, her father Taban will be here, and if it’s Robo, Lucca will appear. The creature impersonating Marle’s father asks her forgiveness for his actions before revealing himself and summoning some friends to help him attack the group. Once those are taken care of, the group heads deeper into the room and the same thing occurs with the Queen Leene impostor, and finally once again with the monster impersonating Crono’s mother.

Once the group makes their way through the large room they make it into Flea’s throne room where the powerful magician awaits. After a comically short battle, Frog catches on pretty quickly that must not have been the real Flea. Once the jig is up, the bat that has been shadowing the group since the Magic Cave lands in front of the group and reveals itself to be the true Flea. Frog warns the group to not be fooled by her appearance, Flea is a very powerful magician. Flea pulls a “did you just assume my gender?” and corrects Frog pointing out that they are in fact a man. Marle can hardly believe what she is hearing but Flea points out that power is beauty so naturally he would take the form of a beautiful woman. Well, it’s hard to argue with that logic. He then gets in his obligatory dig at Frog about Cyrus and the battle begins.   Once Flea is defeated and we don’t have to question our sexuality anymore, the group picks up a magic tab that he leaves behind and heads back to the central chamber.

When the group get back into the central chamber once again, they find that there is a save point right in front of the main door. However instead of allowing the group to save the game, it transports them deeper into the castle. In this new hallway, Crono, Frog, and (now) Robo are forced to fight through a gauntlet of mystics as they move deeper and deeper into the castle. When the group finally makes it to the end of the hall, Ozzie is there waiting for them. When the group approaches, Ozzie freaks out and call for aid from Slash and Flea but Frog informs him that they will not be able to aid him. Ozzie does what he does best and escapes into the next room.

In the next room the group finds themselves staring down a bunch of conveyor belts and guillotines controlled by Ozzie in an elevated booth at the back. Fortunately, the pattern of the blades are simple enough to predict so the group gets through without much trouble. Once the group is about halfway through the torture course however, Ozzie kicks it up a notch and speeds up his machine. Regardless, the group has little trouble getting through Ozzie’s death machine and when the make it to the end Ozzie once again runs off panting and wheezing.

After walking up a monster-infested stairwell, Crono, Frog, and Robo find themselves in another one of Ozzie’s trap rooms. At first glance this room seems pretty innocuous however once the group steps on the wrong part of the floor Ozzie activates his trap and a door appears under the group and the trio fall in. Once they land they find themselves in a large room surrounded by a group of Ozzie’s skeleton soldiers. Once they are dealt with the team finds another one of the save point transports bringing them back to Ozzie’s room. This seems like a design flaw. The group eventually manages to make their way through all of Ozzie’s trap doors but he manages to make his escape when it looks like he’s about to be overtaken.

Crono, Frog, and Robo make their way up another stairway fighting monsters along the whole way up and when they make it to the next chamber. Once the group enters Ozzie immediately starts sicking groups of monsters on the group forcing them to go through another monster gauntlet. The hordes once again prove no match for the group however and eventually Ozzie is backed into his personal throne room and he has nowhere left to run. Just when it looks like the final confrontation with Ozzie is about to takes place, he lets out a quip about Magus almost being done and puts up an impenetrable barrier around himself. Since nothing can seem to get through Ozzie’s barrier the group is forced to resort to hitting levers around the room revealing more trapdoors until they find the one that opens directly under Ozzie plunging him into the depths below.

Now that Ozzie is out of the way, the group prepares itself for the final confrontation with the Fiendlord himself.

Another trip down a short stairwell brings Crono, Frog, and (now) Lucca to Magus’ inner sanctum. At first the chamber is completely dark and all that can be heard is Magus’ incantations. As the group gets closer to the center of the room, strange blue lanterns begin to light the way until they finally come upon Magus standing in the center of a large glyph before a great altar. Frog then calls out Magus. Magus instability both the Frog and is oddly polite in addressing him and the group. Frog tell Magus that his transformation into his current form has served him quite well and has allowed him to achieve things he never expected and then shows Magus the Masamune. Magus then gives the group the world’s most epic “bring it on” speech and the battle for the future of the world commences.

After a grueling battle, Magus relents and is surprised that Frog is already so skilled with the Masamune. Just then, a disturbance begins to shake the castle and Magus starts to panic because of Lavos’ bad timing. Lucca wonders why he can’t control the beast since he created Lavos but Magus corrects her saying that he was only summoning Lavos and that the creature has been living deep in the earth eons growing ever stronger. As the disturbances continues to gain strength the air itself begins to shimmer with energy as a gigantic Time Gate begins to open and draws in the entire group along with Magus as Lavos lets out a mighty roar.

And they all died. Game over…

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