CoT Part 10: Child’s Play

Tata and the Frog (600 A.D.)

Well if Frog won’t help, perhaps seeking out this “legendary hero” and see what they are all about. Based on information given to the group from various sources, we know that this Tata guy is seeking out the Masamune deep in the Denadoro Mountains where the sword suppository resides. Hopefully the monster that guards it isn’t as fearsome as the rumors say for his sake.

When Crono, Lucca, and Marle arrive at the Denadoro Mountains they quickly come across our young hero fleeing from a monster. That can’t be the one that guards the Masamune right? After the group dispatches the monster Tata advises them to run away from this terrible place and quickly makes his exit. Well, the legendary hero has just bailed on us, time to take matters into our own hands.

Crono and the gang make their way deeper and deeper into the monster infested mountains until they reach a cave at the heart of the range. Crono, Lucca, and Marle enter the cave and find…a child? Somehow this little kid, who for some reason is pretending to be the wind, has managed to get past off the monsters wandering these mountains and ended up in this cave. That’s OK though, we can take them with us once we’re done here. The group head to the back of the cave and find the Masamune looking pristine stuck into a large stone with a beam of sunlight shining on it. When Crono goes to take the sword, another kid pops out from behind it. The child asks Crono if he is here to take the Masamune. Crono answers in the affirmative since the group was unaware that this cave also served as a daycare. The two children laugh at the group and state that how one uses a sword is important, not the sword itself, which sounds strangely similar to something that he group has heard recently…

The two children then decide to “test” the group then transform the creatures Masa and Mune, the spirits of the sword itself. After a short fight, Masa and Mune stop the fight and reminisce about how no one had come this far sine Cyrus and the two decide to fight “for real.” Masa and Mune then do the fusion dance and turn into the fearsome Masamune and new, more epic boss music begins playing.

Shit has just gotten very serious.

After a tough fight, the creature Masamune finally gives up and splits back into the two children. They then wonder out loud if these are the ones who will finally fix them before disappearing. With the coast clear, Crono moves to take the sword from its pedestal the illusion fades and the sword is revealed to only be a broken blade. Regardless, the group takes the blade and the kids offer to let the group ride the wind and take them safely out of the mountains.

Once out of the Denadoro Mountains, Crono, Lucca, and Marle decide to return to Porre and pay a visit to Tata’s house. The group find they boy cowering under the stairs of his house and apologizes to them. Tata states that he found the Hero Medal at the tavern after a frog-man dropped it (what the heck were you doing at the tavern in the first place young man?). He had originally intended to sell the medal but people started calling him the “Legendary Hero” and he got swept up in all the hype. Tata then gives the medal to Crono hoping that he’ll be a worthier steward or at least find its rightful owner.

The group then heads back to Frog’s lair in the Cursed Woods and return the Hero Medal to him. Unfortunatley, Frog is still in his funk and says that there’s nothing he can do against the Fiendlord; he would need the Masamune and he certainly has no right to wield it. Frog then requests that he be left alone again before moving across the room. At that point, the basket that he was standing in front of begins to give off a glow and when the group looks inside they find the hilt of the Masamune.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the first time I played through Chrono Trigger at, this point I was 100% convinced that Frog was actually Cyrus. Cyrus was a widely-respected knight and captain of the knights of Guardia who has been missing for a long time. Masa and Mune state that prior to Crono and the gang, Cyrus had been the only one who had shown his worth, at least to the point where the pair remembered him, and oh look, here’s Frog with the hilt of the Masamune laying in his bedroom. I have to think that the developers wanted you to think that Frog was Cyrus at this point in the game. We’ll see how close to the mark I was a bit later…

The group takes the hilt of the Masamune and Lucca notices an engraving on it. After examining the engraving for a moment Lucca finds that the engraving spells out M-E-L-C-H-I-O-R. Well that’s strange, why would Melchior’s name be on a sword that was ancient even in 600 A.D.? Perhaps it’s an ancestor of his? Frog expresses doubt that the Masamune can be repaired but the group decides to pay the Melchior from 1000 A.D. a visit to see what he knows.

After a short trip through 400 years the group arrives at Melchior’s Cabin outside of Medina. Crono, Lucca, and Marle show Melchior the broken Masamune and he instantly recognizes it but wonders how they got their hands on it. Lucca asks why the sword bears his name on it but Melchior evades it for the moment saying that it’s a “very long story.” However, he does say that he can reforge the sword but they are somehow going to have to get their hands on some “dreamstone” an extremely rare mineral that in ancient times was valued more than even gold. Melchior doubts that any dreamstone even exists anymore but luckily for us, we have all the time in the world.

Crono, Lucca, and Marle head back to Medina to use the gate in the Imp’s hous, who no longer seems fazed by travelers using a hole in space-time that exists in his wardrobe, and go back to the End of Time to see if the old man can point them in the right direction. He informs the group that one of the portals leads back to the prehistoric era and that would be an excellent place to start looking for dreamstone.


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