CoT Part 8: To Infinity & Beyond

The End of Time

After the mishap with the Time Gate, Crono, Lucca, Marle, and Robo end up in a strange room in what looks like Limbo. Better than ending up scattered across endless eons I suppose. The group moves into the next room they find an elderly man sleeping under a streetlight. Only one thing to do in this situation.

Crono and the group approach the old man and attempt to get some information from him. Fortunately, the old man is more than happy to oblige. He tells the group that this is the “End of Time,” a place that serves as a nexus of all time periods where travelers caught up in time’s flow end up. Apparently, when four or more people enter a Time Gate it overloads and they end up here, the point of least resistance. There are many roads to different times and places here (represented by the pillars of light in the first room). Unfortunately, that means only three people at any given time can go through the Time Gates or else they’ll just end up here again. The old man adds that there have been an unusually high number of drifters lately. Something must be having an effect on the flow of time.

As Crono and his team are about to leave, the old man stops them and suggests that they check out the room behind them. Inside the room is a small, white teddy bear who calls themselves Spekkio. Spekkio describes themselves as the “Master of War” who watches battles from across all time periods and that their looks changes depending on how strong the observer is; if the observer is weak, then Spekkio appears weak, if they’re strong then they appear strong. Simple.

Spekkio tells the group of a kingdom from long ago where magic flourished but they became greedy and abused their power. This ended in the kingdom destroying itself and since then humans have not been able to use magic. Essentially the Atlantis of Chrono Trigger’s world. However, Spekkio thinks that the croup has the inner strength to use magic responsibly and decides to bestow it upon them. He explains that there are four types of magic; light, dark, water, and fire and each person is attuned to a particular type of magic. Crono, being the hero, it attuned to light, Marle is attuned to water (which in her case takes the form of ice magic), Lucca’s type is fire (not surprising given that she uses a flamethrower), and Robo, being artificial technically can’t use magic but his laser-based attacks resemble shadow spells.

After bestowing the ability to use magic on the human members of the party and teaching them their first spells, Spekkio challenges the group to a friendly sparring match which gains the team a goodie bag if they manage to win. Afterward, Spekkio tells the group to make sure that they bring any new companions to see him so he can give them the ability to use magic also. Once the group has had their fun with Spekkio they head out to the main chamber where the old man beckons to them once again. He mentions the ancient kingdom that could use magic to them again and suggests that they should head back to their own time. He also encourages them to return at any time and to think of him as a guide on their quest to prevent Lavos’ destruction. Crono, Lucca, and Robo then head to the pillars of light and enter the one leading back to 1000 A.D.

The Village of Magic (1000 A.D.)

Crono, Lucca, and Robo emerge from the gate to two Imps freaking out because a couple of humans and a robot just burst out of their wardrobe. The Imps scold the trio for being so presumptuous but once they calm down they inform them that they are in a village of Mystics (they’re called “Fiends” in the DS remake but I have trouble believing that they would refer to themselves as such) that was founded after the defeat of Magus 400 years ago. They warn the group to be careful since most of the residents of Medina are still resentful of humans even after all of this time. They also tell the group that there is an old man who lives to the west of the village who may help them out. When asked why they’re being so helpful if Mystics dislike humans so much the Imp replies that the war was 400 years ago, there’s no point in living in the past.

Even though they’re essentially in hostile territory, the group decide to go to the Elder’s house to see if they can gain any more intelligence. In the house, they find a number of Imps toiling away cleaning the house. One of the workers tells the group that the village elder, Ozzie VIII, descendant of one of Magus’ generals, abuses his ancestor’s fame to boss them around. Another tells the group about a monster that lives in a cave to the west and that they can only be harmed by magic. Good thing we’re the first humans in thousands of years that can use magic.

Crono, Lucca, and Robo then head to the village’s inn to see if anything can be found out there and perhaps rest up. When Crono speaks to the innkeeper they refuse to rent to humans and when Crono pleads his case, the patrons of the inn attack the trio. When the attackers are defeated, the innkeeper begrudgingly agrees to rent to the humans but at an outrageous price. Figuring that they can do better, Crono, and the gang head to the village market but it’s much the same story; the shopkeeper refuses, everyone attacks the group, and when they’re beaten they’ll only sell at exorbitant prices. We’re going to have to come back with some kind of charm offensive in the future and see if we can’t normalize relations with the Mystics. Perhaps when Marle becomes queen…

The one place remaining in the village to explore is the town square. When the group arrive, they see a scene very similar to the one they saw in the lair at the cathedral in 600 A.D. Somehow the Mystics managed to get the statue of Magus from the cathedral and bring it all the way here and as usual, a group of Mystics are worshiping it. The worshipers longingly speak about Magus using his magic to give life to Lavos and when it finally awakens it will destroy the humans and the world will belong to the Mystics. Perhaps Crono and the gang should inform them that the Mystics don’t fare much better in Lavos’ world? Sure, the humans are rendered destitute but the Mystics are themselves relegated to living in junkyards and sewers. Not what I would call a glorious future.

With Medina Village thoroughly explored and armed with the knowledge of Lavos’ origin the group decides to head west and seek out the old man who lives out there by themselves. And wouldn’t you know? It’s Melchior, the weapons merchant from the Millennial fair. Melchior offers to sell the group some of his weapons allowing them to upgrade their equipment. Afterward he tells the group that there is a shortcut through the cave to the north that will lead them back to Guardia and reiterates that his weapons are made for protecting lives not taking them.

Crono and the gang decide to try their luck in the cave to the north in order to make their way back to Guardia. Once inside the cave they are immediately beset upon by a group of Mystics. While going through the cave the group is attacked on several occasions by enemies that have high resistance to physical attacks forcing the group to rely on their newly learned magical attacks to make it through. This continues until they reach Heckran, the monster the group was warned about at the elder’s house in Medina.

Heckran declares death to all of the enemies of the Mystics and attacks Crono, Lucca, and Robo. Once defeated Heckran laments that if only Magus had used Lavos to destroy the humans, the world would belong to the Mystics. Lucca then suggests that the group should use the Time Gate at the fairgrounds in order to go back to 600 A.D. and see if something can’t be done about Lavos. Behind where Heckran stationed himself the group find a vortex that they can enter, presumably the shortcut that Melchior told them about.

The vortex ejects Crono, Lucca, and Robo on the small island where Lucca’s house is. Is this how Melchior got to the Millennial Fair? If so, how did he get through the Heckran Cave where the creatures are only vulnerable to magical attacks? On top of that, if the statues of Magus are accurate depictions of him, then he’s human also. How did he use magic to create Lavos? Mysteries upon mysteries.

While the group is here they decide to stop in a Lucca’s house where Taban announces that he’s made the ultimate defense for his daughter and gives her the Taban Vest. The group then decides to drop by Crono’s place and look in on his mother who has apparently been worried sick since she heard that Crono was going to be executed. Wow that has to be stressful. She then says hi to Lucca and has a cute moment with Robo when she thinks that he’s one of Lucca’s creations. Given that Lucca has essentially rebuilt him twice, he might as well be.

Once everyone is all caught up, it’s time to head back to 600 A.D. and try to put a stop to Lavos before it even starts. Crono, Lucca, and Robo head to the fairgrounds to where the telepod is and use the Time Gate to head back to the Medieval Era.


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