CoT Part 7: Robot Rock

Beyond the Ruins (2300 A.D.)

After departing Arris Dome, Crono, Lucca, and Marle head to Site 32. Once the trio get there they quickly come across Doran’s jet bike. When Crono approaches it however, an alarm goes off which summons a group of robots. Just as the three are about to throw down, a half humanoid-have motorbike robot stops everyone and introduces themselves to the group. Johnny as he calls himself says that Crono and the gang can pass safely through Site 32 if Crono can beat him in a race down the old highway that passes through the area. If Crono loses, well he has to race Johnny again. I think Johnny just wants someone to race with.

Crono takes Johnny up on his challenge and emerges victorious despite having never driven a jet bike before. Johnny is visibly dejected but offers to race Crono again anytime. Yeah, Johnny just wants someone to go fast with him.

Once they get through Site 32 Crono, Lucca, and Marle make their way to Proto Dome to find the Time Gate detected by the computer in Arris Dome. Once the trio enters Proto Dome the three is again attacked by rouge robots both defending the entrance and the dome’s Enertron. Deeper in the facility, the trio come across a locked door blocking the way to where the Time Gate is. In front of the door the group also finds an old broken down robot. Lucca immediately thinks that she can repair it but Marle objects, fearing that the robot will do what nearly every other robot had done; try to kill them. Lucca insists that the robot will not attack them pointing out that robots only do what they are programmed and ordered to do. Apparently, the robots of this world don’t abide by the Three Laws of Robotics.

Lucca spends the next few hours repairing the robot while Marle and Crono try to open the door leading to the Time Gate but it won’t budge. Eventually, Lucca finishes the repairs and attempts to reactivate the robot who sparks to life and thanks Lucca and the gang for restoring him. When asked his name (I’m just going to refer to him using male pronouns since that’s how they are referred to in game and uses they use “male” equipment) he says that his serial number is R-66Y. Lucca thinks that sounds cool but Marle wants to give him a more conventional name and the trio lands on “Robo.”

Once Robo has got his bearings, he’s horrified at the state that Proto Dome is in. He tells the group that when he was active, there were many humans and other robots in the dome with him. Lucca gives Robo a quick update to what has been going on. They mention that they are trying to get into the next chamber but can’t get through the door. Robo tells them that they need to restore the power to the dome in order to activate the door and immediately offers to help them in return for repairing him. Robo figures that given the state of things the power won’t be on for very long regardless and one person should stay behind to open the door before the power goes out again. The decision is made that Lucca will stay behind (Lucca got to go through the cathedral after all) and Crono, Marle, and Robo depart for the derelict factory north of Proto Dome.

The Factory Ruins (2300 A.D.)

Crono, Marle, and Robo arrive at the derelict factory and are immediacy blocked getting any further than the entrance. Fortunately, Robo knows how to bypass the security allowing them to go further. From the entrance there are two primary paths to take. After dispatching some more hostile robots, the group heads down the right-hand elevator to the factory area. In the factory the trio must access a computer in order to retrieve the password allowing them access to the main power switch. Unfortunately, the way to the computer is blocked by debris. In order to movie the debris blocking their way Crono must operate a crane to remove the barrels that stand in their way. Once the way is clear the crew access the factory’s computer and Robo can extract the password needed to access the installation’s primary computer system.

Once the crew have the password for the main computer they head back to the entrance and use the opposite elevator going to the lab. The factory’s main computer has several heavy doors and other security measures to keep intruders from entering. From the lab’s computer Robo manages to hack the security system allowing access to the actual main computer in the factory’s basement. Once the gang find the terminal, Crono enters the password obtained at the factory and the door to the main power switch opens. The trio then enter the main power room and activate the main power grid. Once the main power is activated the security system goes haywire and (naturally) tries to kill Crono, Malre, and Robo by slamming the doors on them and trapping them.  Before the doors can fully close though, Robo steps up and holds the doors open long enough for Crono and Marle to squeeze through.

Crono, Marle, and Robo decide that now would be the perfect time to leave the facility but are forced to take the long way since the elevators have been deactivated. While running through the facility the team run into a group of robots that look very similar to Robo. Robo stops the group and runs to greet the other robots calling them his “brothers.” The team of robots are less excited to see Robo and one of them socks him one in his face sending him across the room. The robot that punched Robo tells him that he is defective and that he has betrayed his programming to eliminate all intruders. Robo is distraught by the idea that he could be a defect but before he can come to terms with what is going on he is beset upon by the other six robots and they proceed to try to destroy Robo. Crono attempts to intervene but Robo pleads with him not to hurt his robot brethren. Once the rest of the R-Series have had their fill beating up on Robo they stuff him in a compartment and turn their attention to Crono and Marle.

Marle of course is not going to stand for one of her friends being treated in such a way so she swears revenge on the other robots. Crono and Marle make quick work out of the rest of the R-Series despite being outnumbered three-to-one. At this point, making scrap out of killer robots has become second nature. Crono and Marle retrieve Robo and drag him back to Proto Dome so Lucca can do her thing again.

While Lucca is repairing Robo she asks what he wants to do now that this world is in such a state and most of the other robots have gone haywire and are trying to kill anyone they come across. Robo replies that no one have ever asked him a question like that before and decides to contemplate on it. Once Lucca finishes up with the repairs Robo tells the group that he would like to go with them and help make the world a better place. So with their new metal companion in tow, the Crono, Lucca, Marle, and Robo head into the next chamber where the Time Gate is and begin their quest to stop Lavos.

But wait, something went wrong with the Gate…


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