Shepard Smith Wins Ebola Coverage Forever

On Wednesday, Shepard Smith stepped up to the plate and by virtue of a calm and authoritative demeanor, took a punishing swing at the panic-stricken response by the mainstream media to the Ebola situation. He provided the facts on the virus as they now stand, free of irresponsible hype and implored everyone watching and listening to ignore the alarmists and react to these latest developments logically and reasonably.

It’s lamentable to have to say that what Shep said and did was extraordinary, but it is. Every news organization and journalist should be delivering the facts on Ebola in this way and yet very few have been. Shep’s own colleagues at Fox News are guilty of some of the most irresponsible and cynical panic-incitement we’ve seen over the past two weeks regarding Ebola. Maybe this is why, when Shep wrapped up this segment, he called out the media specifically, saying about that Ebola alarmism, “It’s not worth ratings and it’s not worth politics and we need to stop it.” We. His own network included.

Credit where credit is due: Bravo Shep.

3 thoughts on “Shepard Smith Wins Ebola Coverage Forever

    • We”re not living in Liberia! Even Nigeria has controlled Ebola progression. Shep finally injected some reason to the hysteria. Your far more likely to die from the flue and even that would be a ridiculous thing to worry about.

      • There isn’t any Ebola hysteria per se. The hysteria is because the CDC and the THPH played a lousy first quarter and folks were flabbergasted at the disconnect between what was being said and what was being shown.

        The Ebola-Flu comparison argument is weak on too many levels, but in a nutshell, flu doesn’t have a 50%-60% fatality rate and is endemic. I just don’t think Shep’s commentary was necessary, given the context of this Ebola outbreak.

        If you notice now, authorities are finally narrowing the funnel so to speak – certain airports and certain hospitals will be directly dealing with the issue, which is a good thing. People with possible exposure are being more tightly controlled too. They’ve made the needed and proper adjustments on multiple levels, they’ve have added a bit of humility to the rhetoric, and Klain has shut down the uncontrolled flow of information. See – no more hysteria.

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