Earth in the Path of Deadly* Solar Storm!

*Not actually deadly.

Not just one, but two strong solar flares burst off the sun’s surface earlier this week, and Earth is getting hit with the aftermath.

A strong X1.6-class solar flare erupted from a sunspot on Wednesday, following a previous flare that blasted out of the same spot on Monday, LiveScience reported.

Due to these significant solar events, two waves of highly energized solar material from the eruptions are travelling toward Earth and are expected to impact this weekend. In fact, the National Weather Service has issued a “geomagnetic” storm watch until Saturday, Sept. 13.

While the solar storm headed our way could affect power lines, radio transmissions, communication systems and satellites to a small degree, scientists say it’s nothing to worry about. Minor issues aside, radiation from solar flares can’t pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically harm humans and these recent storms should not endanger satellites and astronauts in space.

On the upside, scientists say we may see an increase in auroral displays during the storm.

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