csn9k8kA quick word or two about the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and a number of other female celebrities now circulating online and the internet’s response to them.

So fucking what?

Breaking news everyone! Jennifer Lawrence has nipples! Really, what’s the difference between these celebrities’ breasts and any of the millions that come up when you type “boobs” into Google? It seems every few years another “scandal” hits: Some hacker obtains and releases private photos of a naked celebrity (or celebrities), and the citizens of the world go up in arms. As if Kate Upton’s breasts, unlike all the others in the world,  are made of pure sunshine that beams like the golden glow of Marcellus Wallace’s soul. No, they’re just breasts for fuck’s sake. Admittedly, Jennifer and Kate, as well as many of the others, are stunningly beautiful women, but it’s not like any of their tits are going to make you weep openly as if you had just seen the face of a god.

And while we’re on the subject, why does everyone react with anything approaching shock whenever one of the younger members of our society, especially the rich and powerful ones, goes off and does something as obscenely and wildly hedonistic as taking some nudies?

If I were rich and/or famous for whatever reason, there would be so many naked pictures of me floating around that people would actually be tired of seeing my cock. Partying naked in a Vegas hotel room with hot chicks? Fuck that. I’d be bungee jumping off the top of the Stratosphere Casino naked while screwing a hooker on the way down. I’m an ass now and I’m not even rich, if I were I’d be fucking insufferable.

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